About IPMC

The Institute of Philosophy of Mind and Cognition (IPMC) aims to educate a new generation of philosophers who specialize in cross-disciplinary research on mind and cognition. Specifically, our program is designed to train students to develop research topics in a way that integrates resources from the philosophy of mind, the philosophy of science, cognitive neuroscience, and the biomedical sciences. Examples of our current research topics include artificial intelligence, perception, consciousness, self, memory, suffering, illness experience, attention, and causal cognition.

IPMC currently has 4 full-time professors, 1 joint-appointed full-time professor, and 2 part-time professors. Between 2009 and 2019, 13 out of 34 graduates of IPMC (38.2%) were admitted to Ph.D. programs in the US, Canada, Germany, Amsterdam, and the UK; and 10 out of 13 of those graduates (77%) received some form of financial support from those programs. Many of our students have presented their papers at international conferences and have received travel grants from the Ministry of Science and Technology in Taiwan.